Love. Passion. Commitment to Quality. It's that simple. Why does the world need another snowboard? Well, it doesn't, but at Loaded we all have one thing in common, passion. Passion to make things better. Passion to challenge the norm. Passion to manufacture in California. Combine that with a profound love of snowboarding and a great deal of know-how and it was easy to convince ourselves that yes, the world does need another snowboard, our snowboard.

Loaded Boards initiated a Zero Discount philosophy with their skate sales and distribution. Initially unsettling to shops and consumers, the Zero Discount philosophy is now widely accepted and provides a skate industry benchmark in margins and pricing. The snowboard industry is in a state of reflection and revival. The old practices of deep discounting and overproduction are not viable in the current industry climate. Loaded is confident that by applying the Zero Discount policy to snow, keeping production in the USA at a very healthy rate, and by only updating graphics when a major construction change occurs, Loaded can keep prices at a sustainable level for all parties involved in the sales process. Crazy? Maybe. but Loaded has witnessed the effect this policy has had on a once fledgling longboard skate market and is confident on the potential in snow.