PLVNK - Perfect One (Live at Loaded)

On November 29th, our good friends at PLVNK (pronounced "Plank") played a super fun, intimate show for close friends and family in the Loaded warehouse.

Johnboy, Nachum, and Mal took the stage with Brendan and Janae and rocked out with a super eclectic set pulling from their diverse influences. They played a full set including one of my personal favorites, Where Did We Go Wrong, and a bunch of new music.

Good times were had, friends were made, and Kalil did his signature buttflip.

Plvnk filmed the evening and are launching their new single Perfect One today for Valentine's Day. Grab your significant other or inflatable soulmate and swoon to some tunes:

PLVNK - Perfect One (Live at Loaded)

It was awesome to have the band at Loaded. Thank you guys so much for coming by and making it happen. We look forward to doing it again soon.

– The Loaded Crew

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Soundcloud: /plvnk